our shul founded in 2007 is a welcoming and warm place to pray all year round.

some of our regular programs. 

* Regular uplifting, melodious prayer services – including all services for Shabbat, Yom-Tov (festivals) and High Holidays.

* Talks at services focus on reading Torah stories as metaphors for psycho-spiritual truths within the soul, which thus talks to the minds and hearts of modern man. 

* Regular beautifully-prepared Kiddushim (light lunch) after services, providing a setting for a ‘L’Chaim’ and warm, social interaction between those in attendance.

* Active involvement of members, who regularly offer presentations on issues of Jewish interest, at services, Kiddushim, ‘Farbrengens’ and more.

* 'Farbrengens' (spiritual chitchat & uplifting song) on regular & Chassidic festivals, provide an encounter with a more inspired and enlightened self...