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Crash Course on Judaism

Have you ever wanted to know more about your ancestral Heritage, but haven’t had the opportunity to study?

Did you delve into your general studies, but glossed over Torah study?

Shouldn’t you give Judaism a serious chance as you have by other learning exercises?

Chabad of SA’s Judaic Learning Centre offers an exciting opportunity to delve into Judaism. The student will encounter the full gamut of Jewish thought in this course, including Judaism’s beliefs, practices, philosophy and mystical teachings. Students will gain a deep understanding in the Jewish faith.

 Tuesday evenings, 7:30 - 8:45 pm.  at chabad SA







Chabad JLC offers numerous regular classes on Jewish thought, including weekly classes on: Kabbalah (Jewish Mystical Philosophy); Weekly Parshah (Torah portion); Crash Course on Judaism; and Jewish Prayer & Hebrew Language. These classes offer the Jewish community real options of Judaic learning. All are welcome to attend.

Chabad Judaic Learning Centre also offers young and old, group and individual alike, classes on any matter of Jewish interest of their choice, whether philosophical, religious, legal, linguistic, historical, cultural, culinary, musical, liturgical—in nature. Rabbi Yossi Engel—has expertise in all abovementioned areas.

Knowledge is power. Chabad JLC aims to empower you to make your important Jewish choices, from an enlightened and knowledgeable perspective—not from a place of ignorance. When making spiritual life-choices after researching the teachings of our heritage, you afford yourself the best opportunity to make well-informed decisions.


We are prepared to assist you in your quest for Jewish Learning.

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(Weekly Torah Portion)

Saturday afternoon, 1½ hours before Shabbat ends


Would you like to learn about fascinating biblical stories, filled with profound insights and meaningful lessons, gleaned from subtle, nuanced language, in the Divinely-inspired Torah. Would you like to learn more about the unique lives of our great biblical personalities, like the patriarchs, matriarchs, and prophets of old?

If you said yes, not join our interactive discussion group, where no question is taboo, and the weekly Torah reading comes alive!

Presenting original glimpses into the Book Of All Books, and drawing on its mystical wisdom, this class offers unique lessons for life in the modern day.

Text: the Gutnick Chumash

The Gutnick Chumash is a beautiful new work which translates the Torah (bible) in line with Rashi’s classic commentary, and is accompanied both by explanations of classic authorities and by an in-depth Torah commentary


Time: Shabbat, 1 ½ hours before Shabbat’s end